20th Annual PQSynergy™ International Conference & Exhibition 2022

September 14th - 16th, 2022

PQSynergy™ is an international forum to share experiences, requirements, questions, information, customer requirements, problems and solutions in the fast growth area of Quality of Supply (QOS) requirements of sensitive loads, Energy Conservation and Management and Power Quality Monitoring and Solutions.

An excellent networking opportunity in an informal atmosphere with presentations from around the world. Utilities will share their experiences, large power users will share their present and future expectations, and equipment suppliers will share their overall market perspective and their specific solutions for power quality problems.



Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

Efunity becomes PQSynergyTM & PQ Blog Gold Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Efunity was a Golden Sponsor for PQSynergyTM Conference Exhibition 2022 and Power Quality Blog (PQ Blog). It is a privilege to be supported by Efunity.

We are grateful to Adrian Teo, Chief Executive Officer of Efunity and to the Efunity team.  


Efunity is a company based out of Singapore that offers turnkey solutions in energy and power quality monitoring and analysis. We also carry and keep stock for a wide range of smart power meters, branch feeder meters, power quality analyzers, current sensors and intelligent earth leakage relays.

Recently appointed as distributor of PQAi, an IOT-capable power quality analyzer that can monitor up to 15 three-phase channels, we are able to expand our reach to new industries and applications where power quality monitoring is often sidestepped due to a lack of cost-effective solutions.

We are currently working with utilities and asset owners in implementing smart grid solutions to improve the overall operational status of the grid network to better match supply and demand. As the world transition towards widespread adoption of sustainable energy and electric vehicles, we are preparing customers for the challenges that these technologies may bring. This is particular important for industries that require “zero incident, zero downtime”.

Anchored by our vast experience and supported by our strong R&D team, we are able to help you resolve existing issues and mitigate future problems in your infrastructure. Energy and power is our business. Let’s start a conversation.

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Power Quality, Energy Efficiency, and Smart Grid are all closely connected.

The modernization of the electrical systems in every country is being defined by the various aspects of the SmartGrid. The SmartGrid will impact every aspect of the electricity supply business, and it will impact the quality and reliability of that supply to end users. One of the primary objectives of modernizing the electrical supply system is to improve the efficiency. PQSynergy™ focuses on this connection as well as the synergy between these three aspects of energy supply and usage.


PQSynergy™ 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.


Power Quality Blog has been created by Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to share knowledge, and experience in solving power quality challenges. We focus on a wide range of power quality related issues, such as harmonics, transients, voltage variations, flicker, poor power factor, voltage sags and swells, and unbalance electrical loads etc.

Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

We offer a wide range of power quality products and services, including electrical system power analysis, testing, monitoring, trouble analysis, fault diagnostics, ground current testing, leakage current testing, power quality sensitive testing, design advice for power quality and power quality training for end user and utility customer engineers.

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