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Power Quality Monitoring and Solutions

  • Harmonics  and Filtering
  • Power Conditioning Methods 
  • PQ Case Studies from Industry 
  • PQ Instrumentation   
  • Surge Suppression Technologies 
  • Voltage Sag Mitigation Technology
  • Voltage Stability 
  • Power Quality through Renewable Generation
  • IEC 61850 and Digital Relays

Energy Conservation and Management

  • Energy Management  Systems 
  • Energy Saving Devices or Systems
  • Site Energy Audits and Analysis
  • Batteries and Battery Systems
  • Superconducting Magnetic Storage
  • Flywheels (high/low speed) 
  • Ultra/Super Capacitors 
  • Inverter Technology for Solar Plant
  • Improving Energy Efficiency


  • Renewable Generation, Solar and Wind Power
  • Distributed Regulation
  • Distributed Generation
  • Intelligent Electronic Devices
  • Grid Sensors                   
  • Integration of Data from Multiple Sources
  • Networking, Communications and IT
  • The Impact of the Integration of Green Power Sources
  • The Impact of SmartGrid Technologies on Power Quality 

 Compatibility & Compliance 

  • PQ Standards, Codes & Practices 
  • PQ Testing and Measurements 
  • IEEE and IEC Standard 

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