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Day 1: Quality of Supply

Introducing a Power Quality Simulator - PQSIM 200™
Robert James Stewart, Electrical Engineer, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Challenges with Intergration of a Solar Generation Plant into a Medium Voltage Distribution System
Thomas Pua, Senior Product Development Engineer, Power Standards Lab, USA

Power Quality Workshops / Power Quality Practitioner™
Terry Chandler, Director of Engineering, Power Quality Inc.,

Power and Pollution
Jay Babin, Managing Director, E-Flow (Thailand) Co., Ltd. .

Future Challenges with LV Grid Intergration of Solar PV Resources: Impact Analysis and Monitoring Method
Mayura Srion, Cheif of PQ Analysis Section, Customer Service Divison, PEA Udonthani 1

Energy Consumption Report
Thaweesak Aranchot, Electrical Engineer, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Distributed Energy Storage System (ESS) and the Grid
Kerk See Grim, Senior Manager, Power Automation, Singapore

Power Quality: Causes and Effects with Biomass Power Plant
Danaisak Tangsakha, Chief of PQ Analysis, Customer Service Division, Engineering and Service Department, PEA Nahkon Pathom, Thailand.

Day 2: Power Quality Monitoring, Solutions, and Smart Grid

IEC 61850 Digital Communication Standard for Substation
James Mater, General Manager, Smart Grid, Quality Logic Inc., USA

(Presented by Terry Chandler)

Introduction to PQDIF File Format and Application to PQ Analysis Tools
Thomas Szollossy, Snr.Tech Support Engineer, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Leadership is...Probably Not What You Think It Is

Eric Stojkovich, President, ESC Pacific Inc., USA

Implementation of Four Lenses of Innovation for Challenging Traditional Thinking and Existing Theory
Kittipon Daychosawang, Engineer, Department of Customer Service, PEA Chaing Mai 2

How can Blockchain Technology be used for Electrical Utilities in the Future?
Robert James Stewart, Electrical Engineer, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

A Case of PQ Monitoring System of a Very Large Utility in New York City
Terry Chandler, General Manager Asia, Dranetz Corporation

Power Quality Techniques for Crushing Plant Solutions

Suwipha Kittitanapisarn, Cheif of Power Quality Analysis Section, PEA Chiang Mai








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