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Day 1: Power Quality

New Issues and Opportunities for Power Quality
Bill Howe, Program Manager, Power Quality (P1), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Unintended Consequences of DER Penetration on Distribution and Microgrids: New Types of Measurements and Standards are Needed
Stephane Do, Global Product Manager, Power Standards Lab

Generating Electricity through Incineration, Opportunity or Threat for Thailand
Jay Babin, Managing Director, E-Flow (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Active Harmonic Mitigation – What the Manufacturers Don’t Tell You!
Tony Hoevenaars, President and CEO, MIRUS International Inc.

Technical Challenges of Remote Access to Instruments Over Mobile Network
Thomas Szollossy, Senior Applications Engineer, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

30 Years of History of Power Quality in Asia (and the World)
Terry Chandler, Director of Engineering, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Strategies of Maintenance Management in CCPP
Panida Boonyaritdachochai, Paveena Ketwong and Patcharachai Kaewwanna, B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited

Power Quality Standards IEEE-519-2014 Applicable to Industrial & Commercial Supply System Applicability
Tushar P. Mogre, CEO & Managing Director, TAS PowerTek Ltd.

Day 2: Energy Efficiency

The Opportunities for Battery Storage System in Demand Side
Dr. Jiravan Mongkoltanatas, Researcher, National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC)

Industrial Benchmarking of PQ and Various Methods and Merits
Tushar P. Mogre, CEO & Managing Director, TAS PowerTek Ltd.

Singapore Energy Deregulation and Smart Homes
Kerk See Gim, Senior Manager, Power Automation Pte. Ltd.

Power Quality in Singapore - The Past One Decade
Muhammad Najmi Bohari, Principal Consultant, Potentia Dynamics

Introducing a Power Quality Simulator - PQSIM 200™
Robert James Stewart, Electrical Engineer, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

PSL Analyzer Products
Marco Mancilla, Global Vice President of Sales and Thomas Pua, Senior Product Development Engineer, Power Standards Lab

A New Harmonics Option for PQSIM 200™
Thaweesak Aranchot, Electrical Engineer, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Day 3: SmartGrid

PEA Microgrid Design for Off-Grid Island
Dr. Chakphed Madtharad, Deputy Manager of Smart Grid Planning Division, System Planning Department, Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)

Embedded Systems – The Perfect Solution for MicroGrid Control
Keith Houghton, Chief Technology Officer, Linklaser Limited

New Development of EV and Chargers in China
Qianlu Yan, Vice General Manager, Beijing Joint Harvest S&T Co., Ltd.

Advances in Software for PQ Monitoring Systems
Brian Todd, Vice President, and Terry Chandler, General Manager Asia, Dranetz Technologies, Inc.





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